Family Photography



Portraits of the Family

Family photography has changed. Remember the way of taking portraits years ago? You would go into a photo studio, sit awkwardly in some uncomfortable poses and be asked to smile for the camera.


Gone are the days of posing stiff for the camera in front of a studio backdrop. These days, people want outdoor or in-home settings. They want photos that show genuine interaction. They want casual poses. They want photos showing fun. These are the photos that are treasured for years.

So let’s get together and go out to a park. We’ll find some beautiful outdoor backgrounds to provide a natural and beautiful setting for your portraits whether it’s just of you, just the kids or the whole gang. We will capture your essence. If you prefer an indoor setting, one of the biggest trends right now is taking portraits in your own home. This truly captures who you are in your own familiar setting.

Here’s what to expect for your family photo session:

1. We will photography the entire family together in a variety of poses. We like to show interaction.
2. We will also photography smaller groups within the family if that’s what you want. We’ll take pictures of the parents alone. We will take pictures of the kids without their parents, and even some of each individual child if that’s what you want.

A portrait session consists of one to two hours at the setting of your choice. Feel free to bring clothing changes. I promise it will be a fun time.

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