Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photographic style?

I actually like to shoot different styles of photography. I’m not one to settle on one type and stick to it. While I like photos that are light and bright and I like photos that are dark and moody photos. I primarily shoot somewhere in the middle. I like color and vibrancy in my photos. And while I will suggest poses, I like to show natural feelings and emotion in my photos. So as much as I can I will stand back and let a moment evolve and photograph it from farther away.

How do you videotape a wedding ceremony?

Myself and our chief videographer have many years of wedding video experience. We place as many cameras as suited around the venue. That means at least two cameras and possibly as many as five. If the venue allows, we prefer to have one or two cameras in front of the bride and groom so we can get images of their faces during the ceremony. We also when possible will have a camera in the back to capture the ceremony from the view of the audience. We ask the groom and officiant to wear microphones so we can get good audio of the ceremony.

How long is the wedding video?

The wedding video is delivered separated into parts. We deliver the full ceremony, so one piece of the package will be the complete ceremony. That will last as long as the ceremony lasts. Then we will have a separate video of reception highlights. This typically includes the grand entrance, the toasts, the cake cutting, the first dances, and often the bouquet and garter toss. If requested and depending on the package selected, we will videotape your family and guests delivering well wishes on the video. The reception video could be 20 to 30 minutes. Then we provide a highlight video that can range from two to five minutes.

Do you edit the photos we get?

Yes, all photographs delivered are edited for color correction, exposure and cropping. Retouching is done when needed. Some photos may get some extra special editing effects if I feel that is appropriate. While I strive for consistency in the photos I deliver, I do like to provide different looks in the photos I deliver.

How many photos do you deliver after a wedding?

That all depends on the package you purchase and the amount of time I’m at your wedding. If I start earlier and shoot pre-wedding footage, you will receive many more photos. It also depends on if you choose to have a second photographer. That will increase the number of photos. The number of photos I have delivered has ranged from 400 to 1,000 or more.

Where do you live and how far do you travel for a job?

We live in Lincoln but do travel, depending on the job. We have traveled out of town for weddings as far 4-5 hours away. We do jobs in Omaha frequently and have gone often to other Nebraska cities.

Do you shoot a wedding with a second photographer?

Only when requested. I keep my wedding prices lower than many other photographers, so my posted wedding prices include one photographer. If you want a second photographer I will hire one of my go-to photographers, but I will need to charge the couple getting married for the cost of this hire.

How long does it take to get our photos and/or video?

For a wedding, we deliver your images usually between two and four weeks, depending on our workload. For other photography jobs, about two weeks is average.

Do you have a photo studio?

I share studio space and am able to use it when needed.