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Moments in Time Images is a family business based in Lincoln. It is owned by the brother-sister team of Randy McGinnis and Lori McGinnis Black. They love what they do and have made it their mission to improve your photography and videography experience.

Randy McGinnis

Randy has extensive experience in videography and photography as well as specialized knowledge of video and photo editing. He has worked for photography businesses and later owned his own portrait photography business. Now as one of Moments in Time’s photographers and videographers, his passion is shooting and editing great photos and video. He once had his own photo studio and for many years took professional portraits. Over the last 10 years, he has had extensive training in a variety of editing programs, including Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and animation and graphics. Most days you can find him at his computer perfecting his work and spending time with his dogs, Casey and Milly, and four cats.


Lori McGinnis Black

Lori is a former newspaper and wire service reporter, editor and photographer. She first honed her photography skills in high school. Her first photography job was shooting pictures for her high school yearbook. During her journalism career, she has shot photos for newspapers and magazines and now continues to perfect her skills by shooting photos and video for Moments in Time Images. She is continually advancing her education in the art of photography and videography by taking loads of online and in-person classes. In her off hours, Lori enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Sammy and Penny Lane, and walks them a staggering five times a day. She is most passionate about her family, her dogs and two cats, and doing good work that makes people happy. Her goal is to put others before herself by being kind and providing a service that will be remembered and long-lasting.

Advantages of hiring the same company for your photography and videography needs

Many engaged couples today hire one company for their photography and another company for their videography. These two companies compete with each other and often get in each other’s way because they each desire to get the perfect shot.

When you hire the same company to do your video and photography, team members work in harmony and unison with each other. Each member of the team is mindful of the other. This makes getting your photos and video as smooth and seamless as possible. Randy and Lori work together, ensuring you have the perfect shot for both your photography and videography needs.

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