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       I am Lori McGinnis Black, owner of Moments in Time Images.

 I believe when you hire a photographer, you should know a little about him or her. So here it is. I am a Lincoln native and have been here almost my whole life, except for a few years in Wisconsin. I’ve held a lot of different type of jobs. I’ve worked in news reporting and editing, marketing and public relations, and real estate. My photography career has perhaps been particularly rewarding and fun. Did I mention fun? It is my goal to make my photography sessions fun.

Lori, MIT Images owner       So what is my photography say about me? Plain and simple, I love taking pretty pictures. I love color and try whenever appropriate to incorporate it into my photos. That doesn’t mean I don’t provide black and white photos or other styles, but my main style is bright and colorful. I try to bring artistry into to my photos and try my best to give them a magical feel. Photography is what truly brings out my artistic side.

      Aside from photography, I love my family and I love animals — mainly dogs and cats. I have four — two dogs and two cats.


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