Couple in photobooth

Different kind of photobooth

Photobooths are a great way to keep your guests entertained at your wedding reception or other event.

Photobooths come in all types from the elaborate to the simple. You can spend a thousand dollars or so for an elaborate photo booth or you can spend a couple hundred on a simple one.

Moments in Time opts to offer the simple photo booth. Here’s how it works:

1. Go into the booth and pick your prop
2. A camera is set up on a tripod in the booth
3. Grab the shutter remote trigger and take as many photos as you want

The differences are that you won’t see yourselves in a monitor as you snap the photo. And you won’t necessarily get a print of your photo. If that’s what you want, then we suggest going to a higher priced photobooth vendor.

We at Moments in Time Images, however, feel ours is a better deal and here’s why.

Not only is the price less, but the product is more useful. You won’t get a small strip of postage-stamp photos to carry around with you the rest of the night. Instead you will get a full-size digital image emailed to you a day or so after the event. You can do much more with this digital image. Instead of tossing a small photo strip in a drawer, you can post the digital image online. You can make a print. You can share it with friends. We think this is much better.

Oh, and by the way, we do have a new Polaroid so if you really do want a print of your picture, we can accommodate that as well. But we think you’ll prefer the other method.

Your pocketbook will prefer it as well. Our photobooth is just $250 for two hours with your wedding booking. If you want it for a longer time, let us know and we’ll come up with a plan for you.
If you are looking for a photobooth for an event other than a wedding, contact us for a customized quote.

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