Pricing Changes

pricing information showing credit cardsHere at Moments in Time Images we are continually reviewing and revising our pricing schedule. Wedding pricing primarily is in a constant state of change. Here’s a brief outline of the recent changes:

First, I’ve removed the specific prices and packages from the visible website. I did this for a few reasons. I want clients to choose Moments in Time Images for our products and services, not for our pricing. We don’t want to compete on price, so I’d rather attract a bride who likes what she sees on our website, sees our “starting at” price, then contact us because she feels we are the best photographer for her and our within her budget.

I have slightly raised the starting price for wedding photography at $1,900. Any bride who has done her research knows wedding prices can be all over the map. I constantly check out the prices of other photographers. I see many with starting prices over $2,000, and I’ve even seen some that start as low as $1,000. Some don’t list any pricing whatsoever. I don’t know the reasons behind that, and I really believe many potential clients would be wary to contact these businesses not knowing anything at all about their prices. So now, any brides wanting our pricing packages simply fills out a contact form and the no obligation list is sent.

Another big change is that I have included books in all my wedding packages. Many of my clients have not asked for books, but as I have considered this more and more, I realize how valuable these books are. I really suspect that many couples are downloading their photos and they are staying on their computer. That’s it. They may say they will put the photos in a book, but I suspect they don’t get around to it. Photo albums and books are heirlooms that are treasured throughout decades and passed down to generations. You can’t really say that about downloaded files.

In an effort to get more couples to order prints and wall art, I have discounted the prices for those products to all who buy a wedding package. For the top package, prices are discounted 60 percent. Prices still are more than you’d get at Walgreens, but the quality is much improved.

Pricing for other types of photography saw little change. Each photo session has a price tag, with print sales extra. These prices remain on our site for anyone to see.

Questions about pricing? Please don’t hesitate to give me a shout out. I’d be happy to assist.