Weddings and Pricing

wedding rings rest on a sparkly handlePricing photography and videography services for weddings is a tricky business. If you’ve looked at pricing for these services, you know that they are really all over the map. You can find people to provide this on the cheap while others are quite high.

As owner of Moments in Time Images, I’ve changed our wedding prices quite frequently, both up and down. It’s a continual process — I seem to change something about our pricing every few months. The process can actually be a bit of a struggle to know what to do.

Another struggle I’ve experienced is whether to list wedding prices at all on our website. I’ve always believed that I should, and I always did — until a couple months ago. In order to stay on top of this business, I am constantly educating myself and listening to other business professionals as to how they run their business. Most of these professionals I’ve listened to have strongly recommended NOT listing wedding pricing on the website. I’ve never really understood the reason for this. My thought is anyone visiting your site wants to know your prices so they know whether to contact you.

Nonetheless, I started listening to these people and a couple months ago actually decided to take pricing off my website. Instead I followed the recommendation of these other professionals to say “prices start at” and list a starting price.

I’ve come back around to my original way of thinking, and once again and placed all my packages and prices on the website for anyone to see. This was done after visiting with wedding professionals at The Knot, a popular bridal website. After deciding to sign up again for Knot advertising, I asked the woman helping me what she thought of listing prices on the website. She said it was her professional belief that nearly all clients of The Knot want to see pricing upfront. That was good enough for me, and reinforced my original way of thinking.

So as of now, pricing is back, visible on our site at I’m encouraging all brides and grooms to give us a look. Just know, though, that I still do change things frequently. So don’t be surprised if you see one thing one day and see a change the next day.

It’s all part of my pricing strategy.